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Psychological Erotic Drama told in 3 chapter shorts stories and a feature film Director’s cut.
This project tells us about the sulphurous love & sex life of colorful characters that all have common dramas.
Jake, Simon, Kate, Christa & Candice are all sex addicts but with different intentions.

Something happened: Why? Why not...Because!
Its really a non judgmental tale of the dramatic anecdotes & incongruities behind the sulphurous love & sex lives of colorful characters.

This project is a feature film composed of 3 chapters short films of max. 20/30min each.

Each chapter will be presented at festivals separately and there will be a final Director's cut (extra 20 to 30min) that will mix the 3 stories and add extra plot, giving a new overview of the story by adding key elements.



Is a chapter about the dramatic story of the very angry mid-thirties character Jake.
It is set nowadays, in winter, in the red District area and other locations of a European city
Jake is a very irresistible and sensual player.

Spectator can feel that there is a serious crack into Jake's personality but we can’t understand why till the end of the chapter.

Jake is a male prostitute that rich and famous ladies can win the very particular services of by attending a very high ends male escort night club.
Jake is so disgusted by himself that as a spectator we can feel things can get really bad.

All falls apart once we understand why Jake needs the money and why he is such a sad person.



Is a chapter about the lonely and addicted character Simon.
It is set nowadays in different European city locations.
Simon is a very attractive drunk and drugged, very rich, and vicious character.

Spectator can feel that there heavy perversion and insanity into Simon's personality.
But we can’t understand why he copes with such strong addictions and vices.

Simon is a sex addict that consumes frenetically alcohol and drugs to forgive and forget.
Simon is extremely lonely while always surrounded .
Although he is an absolute control freak he could lose it all.

Everything falls apart once we understand why Simon really needs the high adrenalin and why he is such a desperate person that manipulates others.



Is a chapter about the dramatic story of our very attaching and bold character Candice.
It is set nowadays, in many European locations by day and night.

Candice is a very attractive and intelligent character but she is also very tortured and violent.
So there is danger to her personality.
She's a relationship phobic who devours man and plays with them like chess pawns.
The spectator can feel that she could commit the worse.

We finally understand why she really does it and why she is such a crazy but attaching persona.


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